Discovering the World of Roofing

Your roof keeps your home protected, yet many people know very little about the roof over their heads. Most people do not think about their roof until a big storm has passed, or a leak has started. To begin with, it is best to have your roof inspected every year. However, if you have a brand new roof, a good rule of thumb is to have a roofing company come out and check it after the first five years and then again after another 5 five years. This is a good way to determine if you need a roof repair. It is best to get a professional roofing contractor to work on a small roof repair to avoid any costly issues in the future, like a leak or the roof collapsing. 

There are many factors to discuss with your roofing company when coming to the decision if it is time to replace the roof completely. Some things they look for are mold, damaged shingles, holes, and sagging. Depending on what kind of roof you have will decide on how long until you have to replace it. Tile roofs last very long and almost never need to be fully replaced. A metal roof can last 50-75 years. Composition shingles need to be replaced in 12-20 years. The amount of time a roof will last depends on the climate of where you live. Roofs in areas that experience a lot of wind, rain, and hail from hurricanes or freezing winters with lots of ice and snow will receive more damage. 

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When you look at your house, you see a roof which is made of shingles usually, but there are many parts that come together to make it your protection from the outside elements. The decking is usually made from plywood, this is what reinforces your roof and is the nail bed for the singles that will be placed by the roofers. There is a horizontal line that is called the ridge; this is at the top of the roof. The roof vents are metal or plastic openings that ventilate the attic space. Also, many roofs have flashing to protect from water flowing near openings. 

Not all roofs are designed the same. This makes for many different styles of roofs. A lot of times commercial buildings will have a flat roof. This means the slope is less than 2/12. Another type of roof is the gable roof. A gable roof is very common in areas with cold climates. It has two roof sections that slope in opposite directions and the edges meet at the ridge. A slightly more difficult roof to construct is the hip roof. A hip roof has all sides sloping down towards the walls and is often shaped like a pyramid. The mansard roof is also known as a French roof. This style has four sides and two slopes on each side with a lower slope and dormer windows. The mansard can be distinguished by its steep sides and double pitch. 

 The roofers that come to your home to repair or replace your roof usually work for a roofing contractor that specializes in a certain kind of roofing. Being a roofer is a hard profession because not only is it is an extremely physically demanding job but you must not be afraid of heights. You learn to tolerate being outside in all different weather, having to confront icy roofs some days and scorching heat on other days. This job requires skill, balance, and determination to leave the house safe for the owner. Many times the group that comes out to work on your house will be there as early as possible to beat the heat. If they are doing a re-roof, they will need to remove the existing roof completely and trash all the old material. Then, they check to see if any of the plywood has water damage and needs to be replaced. At this point, a special carpenter may need to cut out the damaged wood and replace it with new pieces. They now have a clean slate to work with and will many times apply a felt or fiberglass paper layer before finally laying your shingles. 

As you can see, the world of roofing is so much then a couple of shingles nailed onto some plywood. Depending on what part of the world you live in factors not only what kind of roof shape you should have but also what material you should choose to have installed.